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 Your world

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PostSubject: Your world   Sun Mar 04, 2007 4:31 am

If you could have your own would, what would it be lilke? Here is an example from my sister:

Marissa's world

In Marissa's World everyone would eat ice cream with a fork. They would never chew the ice cream. This is weird.
Everyone would wear mismatching socks and moccasins. The bows on their moccasins would become periodically untied, causing them to have to retie them. This reminds the citizens of Marissa's World that life is unfair, and happiness is fleeting.

When you talk on the phone in Marissa's World for long periods of time, it never gets really hot on your ear.

You can eat everything you want and not get fat.

In Marissa's World, everyday is earthday.

In Marissa's World you can wear your sisters' clothes and keep them as long as you want and it wouldn't arouse verbal lashing. Unless, of course, you proceed to steal Marissa's clothes. If you so much as venture to create such a hypothetical situation, run far away.

In Marissa's world you are at one with the universe. This may or may not include happiness, love, and Toothpaste for Dinner.

There is no such thing as menstruation.

In Marissa's World only kitties are allowed. When they grow up, then you can give them to the normal world, where they will procreate and roam the streets of Indonesia rampantly (That one's for you, Caland).

In Marissa's World, if you think happy thoughts you can fly.

There is no such thing as TheCollegeBoard.

In Marissa's world there are jackets that have a network of Cool Stuff and a battery pack that keeps you toasty all day, through sleet, rain, and storm. You can give one to your sisters in, say, chicago and holland, but only upon the condition that they offer you money and pay tribute to your glory.

In Marissa's world, Listerine Citrus Pocket Mist doesn't taste like butt.

Everyone wears shirts that say, "My other shirt is funny," and "The few, the proud, the kankles," rotating between weekdays and week ends.

On becoming a citizen of this world, every individual receives a portable version of Mia to carry with them wherever they go. If you call today, you receive the People I Love value pack, which comes with Tressa, Peter Benecke, HomestarRunner, and Mrs. Silva.

In Marissa's World, the men stay home with the kids while the women go bowling and use choice words.

In Marissa's World, communication is key. People read wingdings and blink morse code. They establish a Parlor which hosts MySpace every day, and praise their jefe Marissa for her random allusion to Fahrenheit 451.

The motto of Marissa's World is, "Bad Poetry, Oh Noetry."

The national anthem is "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible,
No Good, Very Bad Day" put to the music of Billy Joel's 1983 classic hit "Uptown Girls" Don't ask how.

Marissa's World! Everybody's doing it.
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PostSubject: Re: Your world   Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:21 pm

No one has posted within the time period this has been posted, so no one is showing interest, so it is being closed.

Thank you and goodnight.


~ Queenxxx

& ohh;;
when that boy smiles<3
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Your world
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